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Crossing World Group is a company with presence all over the world, specialized in the integral management of funeral services and repatriation services for deceased, from and to, any country in the world.

We are a leading company in the repatriation of deceased all over the world. We work for insurance and assistance companies, families, government agencies, consulates and funeral companies that need our specialized support and experience anywhere in the world.

Our specialization allows us to coordinate funeral services and international repatriation rapidly and in a profesional way, taking care of the whole process and offering families all the attention they need.

We are more than you could ever imagine

To take care of funeral services and international repatriations any where the death occurs, we have a wide national and international funeral network, formed by professionals with more than 30 years experience.

We provide services to a large number of insurers and assistance companies which we serve around the world, as well as families and friends who find themselves in tragic situations they find difficult do deal with.

Our national and international partners work under our same working protocol, with the highest quality standard in regards to attentding the families.

We take care of your needs without limits, we are at your disposal 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.


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Terremoto Amatrice- Italia - Crossing World Group

Earthquake 2016

Amatrice (Italy)

Accidente Everest, 2015 - Crossing World Group

Accident in the Everest, 2015


Compositor Español fallecido - Crossing World Group

Spanish compositer deceased


Accidente Voluntarios Fundación San Vicente Ferrer, 2017 - Crossing World Group

San Vicente Ferrer volunteers accident

Bangalore, India

Accidente Submarinista Costa Concordia, 2014 - Crossing World Group

Scuba diver accident, Costa Concordia ship 2014

Giglio Island, Italy

Torero español fallecido - Crossing World Group

Spanish bullfighter deceased


Accidente Ferroviario, 2016 - Crossing World Group

Train accident 2016

O Porriño, Galicia

Explosión Barco, 2016 - Crossing World Group

Boat explotion, 2016

Bali, Indonesia

Accidente Avioneta Antincendios, 2016

Firefighter aeroplane accident, 2016

Bio Bio, Chile

Our international repatriation service transports your loved one home, from and to any country in the world. Our specialized and multilingual team takes care of offering you the best service and helping you in the most agile and careful way possible.

Crossing World Group is a leader in the management of funeral services and international repatriations. Our experience and our extensive network of funeral partners around the world, allows us to help the families and companies that trust us, no matter where the death occurred.