Crossing World Group began as a company specializing in funeral services and international repatriation. Becoming the fundamental support for insurance, assistance and funeral companies as well as consulates, government bodies and families around the world.

Our specialized experience in the integral management of funeral services, international repatriations, and our extensive national and international funeral network, we can offer a complete, high quality and personalized service that meet their needs irrespective of the location.

Our multilingual team, will attend to family members as well as funeral services and worldwide repatriations in: English, French, Italian, German, Spanish, Portuguese, Romanian, Chinese and Russian.

We take personal care and attention of the families. We manage all the documentation of the funeral services and repatriations, offering daily information to our clients of the state of the process.

We provide our services to families, insurers, assistance companies, funeral companies, consulates and government bodies from any country providing a complete service or part of it . Our company adapts to your needs and requiremets.

  • If you are an Insurer or Assistance company, we will organize according to your insured will, the funeral services or international repatriation form and to any country in the world. Our team will take care of families in a friendy and daily way, keeping you informed of the progress at all times.
  • If you are a Family and a loved one has died anywhere in the world, we find him for you. We also, deal with the transfers, the documentation, the Consulate. We will also book a flight for the coffin and his companions to the destination chosen by you, at advantageous prices and with total transparency. We return your loved one home.
  • If you are a funeral company in Spain or any other country in the world, contact us and we will help you with every thing you may need. We work for funeral companies around the world. We can perform the complete funeral service for the repatriation of the body or just the part you need. Since we have personnel and infrastructure all over the world, we take care of the complete funeral service, including all the documentary procedures, transfers and reservations.
  • If you are a company and need assistance for your employees, we advise you on everything you need to take into account. We also, take care of all the steps to repatriate the deceased, with the maximum agility and attention from where the tragedy has happened to its final destination.
  • If you are a Consulate or representative of a government body, you can contact us so that we can advise families when a loved one has died. We will personalize the funeral service or repatriation to your needs wherever the death occurred. We work with Consulates in many countries and we organize everything to fit your needs.

About our Company

Crossing World Group is present in the 5 Continents, providing fundamental support to families and businesses when someone dies.

For years, our main concern has been the atention to families, funeral services and repatriation throughout the world, to do so, we count with a funeral network of maximum confidence, in Spain and other countries, that help us continue to strengthen the reputation of our work.

Crossing World Group is a member of the most important associations worldwide, such as The World Organization of Funeral Operatives FIAT-IFTA.

Repatriaciones - Crossing World Group

Why Crossing World Group

  • Because our bussiness is not a funeral business, allow us to be impartial and let the final client choose the service he wants without any pressure or condition…because we are an independent company.
  • Because the family can freely choose the Tanatory where to wake your loved one. Our team is responsible for advising and managing the funeral service or repatriation according to your requirements.
  • Because our team is made of professionals who dedícate to serve families in special situations. They are problem solvers ensuring the smooth running of funeral assistance.
  • Because our worldwide facilities and our staff are there for you. We organize everything and we adapt to their needs.
  • Because our system of work, is different to what you know until now, we have converted the sector, offering out clients highly positive results. Are you ready to join?

At Crossing World Group we have no limits, we get there where the customer may need us.

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