Funeral assistance is the starting point of operation of all our human and material means so that any one can feel fully protected if a tragic occurs such as the death of the loved one.

We are there for you 365 days, 24 hours a day.

We provide without exception nationwide services with infrastructure and personnel in all regions of Spain.

Mainly we deal with:

  • Care for families throughout the funeral service.
  • Quality control of the funery service.
  • The adminstrative management of claims for the tranquility of our customers: Insurers, assistance companies, funeral homes companies, families and government bodies.
Servicio funerario - Crossing World Group
Servicio funerario - Crossing World Group

We can offer you the funeral service that best suits your needs. You choose what services you want and we take care of everything else.

Our management model allows us to offer other funeral companies in the world the possibility of providing in part or all funeral services anywhere in Spain or the world, either to continue with an international repatriation or to finish The funeral service in any country.

We provide funeral services with economical prices for our clients and a homogeneous protocol that we control, guaranteeing the quality and the personalization of the service.

A person from our team takes care of each family throughout the funeral service and ensures their satisfaction, attending to their requirements, resolving issues, questions, etc…

With our management, families have full freedom in the election of Funeral home where they want to wake their loved one as well as in the rest of elements of the funeral service, without limitations, restrictions, or personal interests.

At Crossing we care about our customers much more than if we were just a service provider. We are the 1st company in the world specialized in the management of funeral services for insurers and assistance companies; We are the choice for more than 3,000,000 insured.

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Other services

Asesor Presencial Corporativo - Crossing World Group

On-site Corporate Counsellor

Qualified staff of Crossing will travel to the undertaker chosen by the family where He will care for the relatives in the name of the Insurer and will ensure the correct delivery of the funeral service.

Mensaje Informativo - Gestión funeraria - Crossing World Group

Information Message

Crossing provides mobile messaging with information and details of the repatriation in a concrete and punctual manner.

Asistencia jurídica al fallecimiento - Crossing World Group

Legal Assistance to the Deceased

There are many questions that arise by the families regarding the procedures and documents that need to be taken care of after the death of a loved one. This issues will be solved with a phone call to our specialized team.

Trámites post-mortem -Crossing World Group

Post-Mortem Procedures

We deal on behalf of the family with the management  of all the documentation needed with Administrations in order to obtain pensions, certificates, last wills, etc.

Borrado Digital - Crossing World Group

Digital Erase

We take care of removing all information about the deceased person in the internet environment.

Asistencia psicológica tras fallecimiento - Crossing World Group

Psychological Assistance

Coping with the loss of a family member takes time, so we put at the disposal of the families a team of professionals who provide via telephone psychological support.

Testamento online - Crossing World Group

Online Testament

We manage together with a team of lawyers the writing of a personal will, adapted to your wishes in order to leave everything fixed.