When a loved one dies in a foreign country, there are many doubts that arise for the family and friends about how to act and who to call.

In these difficult moments it is essential to have a specialized team with presence all over the world, agile and resolutive, able to lead the repatriation process in the shortest possible time.

Our multilingual team can offer you the service in different languages like: English, French, Italian, German, Spanish, Portuguese, Romanian, Chinese and Russian.

Our extensive funeral network allow us to provide service world wide, without exception. We know the regulations and customs of each country, and our specialized team will provide all the support you need adapting the process to your needs.

We personalize the repatriation service to your needs, offering you information and support with the same interlocutor throughout the process.

Crossing World Group also strives to adapt and adjust prices in order to provide our clients: insurers, assistance companies, funeral homes, families, government agencies, etc., a quality service without having to pay high prices.

Repatriaciones - Crossing World Group
Repatriaciones - Crossing World Group

When we repatriate, we ensure everything is done correctly:

  • We provide information to the family 24/7.
  • Transfer to Mortuary.
  • Adminstrative tasks.
  • Translation of documents if needed.
  • Care, preparation and embalming.
  • Liasons with consulars.
  • Customs clearances and transport.
  • Flight reservation for the coffin to home destination.

If you also wish:

  • Organisation of collection and transit at the airport and payment of fees.
  • We transfer it to its final destination, whether it is in a Tanatory, home address or cementery.
  • We finsh the funeral service according to your requirements, burial or incineration.

Sometimes families decide to cremate their loved one in the place where the tragedy has occurred and then repatriate the ashes to another country.

In these cases, we organize the entire funeral service at the place of death as long as the customs of the country allow the cremation. We take care to ensure the funeral service according to the will of their relatives and the subsequent repatriation. We can arrange to send the remains to the destination country or they can be moved by a family member.

In order to provide the best service, Crossing world Group is present in 5 continents.

Give us a call for a quote and discuss the details

Other services

Mensaje Informativo - Gestión funeraria - Crossing World Group

Information Message

Crossing provides mobile messaging with information and details of the repatriation in a concrete and punctual manner.

Contratación de vuelos para familiares - Crossing World Group

Flight reservations

We take care of booking airline tickets for one or more passengers on the same flight as your loved one’s coffin.

Reserva de hoteles - Crossing World Group

Hotel Reservation

If the deceased’s relatives have traveled to the country where the death occurred, we take care of the reservations at the nearest hotel and with the characteristics asked ,by the family.

Envío de objetos - Crossing World Group

Posting personal effects

The personal effects of your loved ones are taking  care by our team  who will guard and custody them. Our team will also take care of the inventory of goods, the packing and the sending of the belongins to the place the family request.

Envío de cenizas - Crossing World Group

Repatriation of cremated remains

In case of cremation of the deceased in the country where the death has taken place, we take care of all the cremation service as well as the shipment of the ash urn to the country of destination in safe conditions together with the documetation required to authorized transfer.